Bubble World

Bubble World is a bubble-popping and shooting game with a Middle-Eastern story theme. The main game backdrop features an oasis desert scene with camels, palm trees and a river. The player's goal is to collect a specific number of diamonds in each level and win a high score and up to three stars.

Instead of displaying traditional round bubbles, the game screen displays cut, connected, colored gemstones hanging in the sky. The player uses a magic lamp to shoot gemstone projectiles at the pattern to release trapped diamonds. They can only remove gems if they shoot a projectile gemstone at two or more matching connected ones. They receive a preset number of these projectiles per level, as displayed at the lower-right corner.

Bubble World gives the player a dot-style targeting line to help them make precise shots. Unlike similar games, the line features a tip that angles in a way similar to billiards and pool games. This line allows projectile gems to roll along a final curved path around other gems.

The game doesn't require that the player clear an entire level when they have a goal to collect a specific number of diamonds. The player merely needs to finish the collection. If they fail, they can try again for free. They track the progress of their points and stars on a vertical gauge on the lower-right side.

How to Play:

Review the color of the first gemstone projectile and the location of one or more diamonds. Look for an opportunity to set up a shot or to remove two or more connected matching gems. Fire the gem at the pattern. Continue to shoot to remove the gemstones necessary to complete the diamond collection.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a gemstone projectile, click the left button. To shoot with the targeting line, press the left button, slide the mouse, and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot a gemstone, tap the finger or stylus. To shoot with the targeting line, press the trackpad or touchscreen, slide the finger or stylus, and then stop pressing.

Bubble World
Bubble World.

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