Fuzzies is a bubble shooter. Obsessed with improving the look of their favorite coat by using fur from a local tribe of colorful balls of fur known as Fuzzies, a tall anthropomorphic bird fashionista has captured a bunch of Fuzzies in a net, knocked them out, and attached them to the end of a device designed to destroy them and harvest their fur! The cuddly fur balls need the player's help to escape from the weapon.

The player receives a ring shooter on a stone disc that displays two Fuzzies as projectiles at all times. They can shoot these Fuzzies at two or more captured ones of the same color for the escape. If they release Fuzzies in a streak or a specific number of times, the game produces a black one on another disc to the right of the shooter. The player can select it and use it as a bomb to release even more Fuzzies faster!

The Fuzzies game also features Fuzzies with powers that can perform various booster-style maneuvers. For example, a rainbow-colored one can act like a wild card that can take out a line of connected matching ones of any color.

The player earns points for their efforts. In addition to freeing the creatures during each level of the game, they also attempt to earn as many points as possible per level.

How to Play:

Shoot projectiles at two or more linked, color-matched Fuzzies to release them from captivity. To swap projectiles, select the shooter. When available, use bombs and other booster-style Fuzzies.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot projectile Fuzzies, slide the mouse, and then depress and release the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot projectiles, slide the finger or stylus, press the touch pad or screen, and stop the pressing action.


Bubble Shooter