Valentine Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Valentine, also known as the Valentine Bubble Shooter, offers the player a lot of bubble-popping fun for Valentine's Day! The game starts with a theme-inspired playfield with floating hearts in shades of pink and a cute, smiling Cupid cherub leaning on a puffy cloud. All the clear bubbles hanging in rows against this backdrop contain colored hearts.

The player uses a heart-tipped arrow shooter to shoot heart bubble projectiles at color-matched lines and clusters of two or more of the bubbles on the field. When they make a successful shot, the bubbles pop and disappear, and they receive points at the upper-right side of the screen. Any connected ones below the line or cluster also disappear. The player must attempt to shoot as accurately as possible to prevent errors. If they make a mistake or need to plan a future shot by connecting a projectile with only one available matching bubble on the field, they lose one of five white bubbles to the left of the shooter.

Once all five bubbles disappear, the game rolls another horizontal row into place along the top of the field. Eventually, if the player fails to remove bubbles with precision shots as quickly as possible, the rows of bubbles can pile up as they roll down the screen and bypass the shooter, which ends the game. They can only salvage their current play if they then watch an ad video.

To win Bubble Shooter Valentine, the player must shoot accurately, come up with a sound strategy, and hone their hand-eye coordination. They also need a lot of luck. Bubbles that roll onto the playfield force all the other bubbles to shift into new positions. As a result, the player must reassess their previously anticipated moves.

How to Play:

Shoot heart bubble projectiles to pop and remove row bubbles. Always try to remove avalanches of mixed bubbles. Set up future shots. To continue current gameplay after losing, watch an ad video.


Mouse: Click buttons. To align a shot and pop heart bubbles, slide the mouse and click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger and tap once.

Valentine Bubble Shooter
Valentine Bubble Shooter.

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