Bubble Hit Master

Bubble Hit Master is another popular bubble-popping game. The player attempts to clear a playfield of seven rows of glowing bubbles using a ring shooter during untimed play. 

The player receives a glowing, golden ring, two non-swappable projectiles and a color-matched line for targeting adjacent matching bubbles. The player can only remove bubbles from the field when they use a projectile to create a cluster of three or more identical bubbles.

Bubble Hit Master allows the player to not pop bubbles three times. It displays each used free pass as a tiny, frosted circle to the right of the shooter. When the player uses their passes, the game drops another row of bubbles onto the field.

It's important to note that the color-matched targeting line made doesn't always align perfectly. As a result, the player must add a few millimeters to the left or right of the line in their mind when targeting bubbles.

If the player ever allows the bubbles to slide to a dark, dashed horizontal line near the shooter, they lose and must either watch an ad to continue or start over to attempt to last longer and earn a higher score.

How to Play: Review the colors of the bubbles on the bottom row on the field and the projectiles. Shoot a projectile at a matching group of two or more adjacent bubbles. If no bubble-popping opportunity exists, shoot at a single matching bubble to prepare the next shot. If necessary to continue playing, watch an ad video.


Mouse: Click buttons. To create a cluster of matching bubbles, direct the targeting line by sliding the mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To pop a cluster of bubbles, slide the finger or stylus tip, and then tap the trackpad or screen surface.

Bubble Hit Master
Bubble Hit Master.

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