Bubble Fish

Bubble Fish is a bubble-popping game with an underwater marine life theme. Against a background of blue water filled with crabs, coral, seaweed, shells and sponges, the player completes bubble-popping tasks across numerous levels to earn points. As rows of bubbles quickly slide down the screen, they must burst clusters of three or more fish- or shell-enclosed or multi-colored bubbles with matching projectiles fired from a metal ring shooter that features a metal spearhead arrow.

The player completes tasks shown to the right of the playfield. Typically, the game requires them to collect a specific number of certain types of bubbles or objects. It makes play challenging by not revealing the projectile until right before a shot. It also doesn't provide any type of targeting option. The player must guess when aiming the spearhead.

Bubble Fish displays the player's score to the left of the field. When they finish the first level, they receive only their score. With other levels, they also receive their best all-time score.

If the player allows the bubbles to slide too far down the screen, they lose the game. They receive an opportunity to continue by watching a video.

How to Play:

Review the tasks. Look for a projectile bubble match along the bottom row of the sliding bubbles. Shoot to create and burst a cluster of three or more matching ones, or connect the projectile with a matching one to prepare for a future shot. Play every level. Controls: Mouse: Click buttons. To make a shot with the metal spearhead and ring shooter, slide the mouse to point the spearhead tip at two or more matching bubbles, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To make a shot, slide the stylus or finger, and then tap the touch screen or trackpad.

Bubble Fish
Bubble Fish.

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