Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania

Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania is a timed-penalty, bubble-popping game with classic elements and a tropical jungle theme. A red-headed anime character wearing jean shorts and a green bikini top invites the player to try their hand at clearing a bamboo-framed playfield on a sandy beach with projectiles from a carved bamboo cannon shooter. The player's only goal is to clear the field and win a high enough number of points to receive brass, silver and gold trophies.

The player pops bubbles by creating clusters of three or more linked bubbles with a projectile of a matching color. The moment a projectile hits only one bubble in a cluster, all of the bubbles pop. Any non-matching bubbles attached below the cluster also pop. Although the game doesn't have a visible timer, it slides a new row of bubbles on the field if the player doesn't shoot quickly enough or makes too many poorly aimed shots.

Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania helps the player improve their chances by allowing them to swap the two projectiles inside a frame on the cannon at any time. They merely need to select the frame to make it rotate and reposition the projectiles.

The game doesn't provide an aiming line. It also doesn't display the best score during play. Instead, it provides the current score in the lower-right area and reserves the best score for review after the player either wins or loses.

How to Play:

Use projectiles from the cannon to create and pop clusters of color-matched bubbles. If necessary, select the rectangular projectile holder first to switch the projectiles. 


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot the bamboo cannon, slide the mouse to position the cursor, and click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap the touch pad or screen.

Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania
Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania.

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