Bubble Pop Butterfly

Bubble Pop Butterfly is a bubble-popping game with a stunning fantasy theme. Against many varied daytime and nighttime backdrops across hundreds of levels, the player pops bubbles marked with butterflies and other symbols to remove connected bubble patterns. They can only pop clusters of three matching bubbles formed by at least two hanging bubbles and a matching bubble projectile. Their goal is to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and play while attempting to earn a high score and collect stars and other rewards.

The player receives a ring shooter with two swappable bubble projectiles and a color-matched laser targeting beam with a clear targeting bubble at the end. They use the beam to align direct and angled shots, which guarantees that they're shooting with precision every time they use a projectile. When a projectile hits a large enough cluster, the matching bubbles pop. Non-matching bubbles pop when they drop to the bottom of the scene.

Bubble Pop Butterfly reveals the pattern to the player as the bubbles appear on the field, which can help the player create a well-thought-out strategy for shooting and popping bubble clusters. The player also receives boosters that help, including a lightning booster that cuts through a horizontal row and a firefly booster that randomly pops bubbles.

How to Play:

Shoot projectiles at matching bubbles to pop bubble clusters. Use available boosters. When necessary, buy boosters. Complete goals or missions, such as collecting butterflies. To end a mission-based level faster, shoot the goal-related bubbles first. Collect rewards. If desired, watch ad videos to collect multiplier rewards.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To align the laser beam and shoot a bubble projectile, slide the mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus and tap the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Pop Butterfly
Bubble Pop Butterfly.

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