Solitaire Story

Solitaire TriPeaks, also known as Solitaire Story, is a card game based on classic TriPeaks. The player follows high-low, next-card rules to remove cards from artistic scenes designed to look like Austria, Japan, Egypt and other real places. The player uses a winding path to play the many location-based levels. That said, they use a travel button on the home screen to visit other places. They can only unlock a new global site by completing all levels at the previous one.

The player removes face-up and face-down standard deck cards in front of a scene by selecting a card that's higher or lower and the next in order. They make the selection based on a face-up card to the right of a draw pile at the bottom-center of the screen. If no card fits this rule, they pull cards from the draw pile until they discover one, and then continue to remove the other cards.

Solitaire Story initially gives the player 2,000 coins to undo a move or use a Joker wild card. It also provides booster cards, including Boom and Zap cards, that remove multiple cards at a time in different ways. When the player wins, they receive points, coins and up to three stars. They can earn extra coins by watching an ad to play a lucky prize wheel game and via gift boxes.

On the home screen, the player can join online events and claim achievement awards for performing tasks, such as getting a specific number of bonus streaks and stars, using a Joker card, or clearing a specific number of cards. Lastly, they can unlock and use different location-based card backs after using the three initial basic designs.

How to Play:

Review the goal for a level and the distribution of the face-up and face-down cards. Perform high-low next-card selections. If available, use boosters. If necessary, use the undo and Joker options. Perform streaks to earn extra cards. Claims winnings and prizes. Unlock new locations and card designs. Play in global events.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and cards.

Solitaire Story
Solitaire Story.

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