Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest is a timed match-3 puzzle game that features an ancient treasure theme across 72 levels of play. The player's primary goal is to match jewels on different patterns of grids to turn each grid background gold square by square.

The player doesn't need to complete missions or achievements. They don't need to collect a specific number of jewels or earn a specific level of points. They also don't need to worry about running out of moves. Instead, they create rows and columns of three or more identical jewels. Every time they make a match, the spaces behind the jewels turn gold. To win the game for a level and up to three gold stars, they merely need to turn a grid gold before they run out of time on a two-minute timer.

Jewel Quest is also playable on jewel quest, the game also doesn't feature traditional rockets, bombs or other boosters. The only booster available is referred to as the Midas Touch. It acts almost like a hammer booster, except that it turns a single space gold instead of removing a jewel from the grid. The player creates this booster by matching three gold lion head coins in a line.

Jewel Quest
Jewel Quest.

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