Garden Tales

Garden Tales is a match-3 puzzle game in which the player comes to the aid of a sentient garden gnome named Willy while traveling a winding path through a massive garden that contains a variety of well-groomed plants, fountains, ponds and gnomes. The player uses match-3 gameplay to complete garden-related tasks, including collecting specific types and numbers of plants, such as blackberries, flowers, leaves, pears and strawberries, and fruit baskets. They also correct problems, such as crushing dirt blocks and breaking ice that covers plants.

Every time the player removes a row or column of at least three needed matching items in a connected line or corrects a problem area, the game reduces the number needed in the tasks area at the top of the screen. When they match four plants, they receive super plants wrapped in one or more glowing lines that blast away entire rows, columns and even diagonal lines. They can combine these special bombs to create even more powerful ones.

If the player matches five plants, they receive gnome bombs that look like round, rainbow-swirled candy. With these bombs, they can clear a garden of the same types of plants swapped with it. If they combine two gnome bombs, they can clear the entire board of plants and other objects.

When the player wins, the game celebrates by declaring "Garden Tales!" and rewards the player with points, coins and up to three gold stars. If the player watches a video, they can double their winnings. Throughout gameplay, they receive many opportunities to win coins and boosters. They can spin a prize wheel and open a special gift from Willy, round achievement gift boxes, and treasure chests.

How to Play:

Look for a match-3 opportunity. To create a line by rearranging the positions of two plants, select the matching plant and then the non-matching one. Create super plants, special bombs and gnome bombs. Activate and use boosters. Complete all tasks. Collect coins, stars, prizes and gifts.


Mouse: Click buttons, plants, boosters, gifts and other items.
Mobile: Tap all elements.

Garden Tales
Garden Tales.

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