Jewels Jungle

Jewels Jungle, also known as Jewels Jungle - Match 3, is a match-3 puzzle game. In a dangerous prehistoric jungle filled with deadly snakes and other creatures, the player helps an elderly caveman collect rune stones made of gemstones based on colors and symbols. The player completes their task by matching three or more identical stones at a time across two modes of play (Level and Endless).

With Level play, the player completes missions based on information displayed on a pop-up window before each level and at the upper-left corner of a level. A mission usually requires that they find a specific number of certain stones. They review the level and the number of remaining moves at the upper-right corner.

With Endless, they attempt to beat the last-best score displayed at the upper-right corner by performing as many fast matches as possible before a horizontal green timer bar above the board runs out of color. Every match adds a second to the timer. The fastest consecutive matches earn them bonus combo points.

Matching stones in Jewels Jungle isn't difficult. The player needs to complete a line of at least three adjacent stones along a column or row on a board. To make a line, they merely need to slide a rune jewel into a position between or at the end of two adjacent matching stones.

How To Play

Select the Level or Endless button. Review the tasks or last-best score, respectively. Create lines of three or more adjacent rune stone jewels, as dictated by the mode of play. With Level mode, complete increasingly challenging missions. With Endless, attempt to beat every last-best score.


Mouse: Click buttons. To match runes and other symbols, click and drag the stones.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To perform matches, tap and drag the stones.

Jewels Jungle
Jewels Jungle.

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