Mahjong Relax

Mahjong Relax is a tile-matching game that features a layered pyramid pattern and an easy difficulty mode of play. The player's goal is to clear the playfield of all ivory, raised-edge tiles to reveal a gradient gray and yellow background image of a dragon grasping a mystical ball. 

The game displays the number of available pairs and the total number of remaining tiles near the top of the field. The player can only reveal the background by removing the tiles in pairs. They can't remove any tiles that are blocked on the left and right sides by other tiles. A tile must have at least one unblocked side.

Each tile depicts stylized traditional markings, including round stones, bamboo stalks, language characters with numbers, dragon symbols and colorful peacocks, flowers and seasons. The player can pair non-matching tiles from the two last groups. Whenever they make any type of selection, the game highlights the tiles with a light green color.

Mahjong Relax isn't meant to challenge the player too much. As a result, it guarantees that the player has plenty of options to remove tiles with ease. They receive the Mix button to shuffle the remaining tiles to reveal hidden pairs. They can use the Hint button to highlight a pair with a light red color. The Undo button gives them the unlimited ability to reverse their previous moves. If they want to start a new game, they use the semicircular back arrow.

How To Play

Check the pyramid pattern for upper-layer and uncovered matching tiles. Select those tiles first to remove the pieces from the field and reveal the tiles hidden underneath. If necessary at any time, use the Mix, Hint and Undo buttons. Clear the entire field of tiles.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and tiles.
Mobile: Tap all elements.

Mahjong Relax
Mahjong Relax.

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