Real Mahjong

Mahjong Real, also known as Real Mahjong, is a realistic virtual version of classic Chinese Mahjong tile-matching games. On a tabletop made of dark-stained wood planks, the player attempts to clear away a pattern of ivory tiles in pairs. The game offers 18 different patterns and levels of difficulty. 

The tiles display stylized artwork of traditional blue, green and red figures that include bamboo stalks, letter and number characters, dragon symbols, flowering plants and representations of the four seasons. The player can match tiles that display identical images that aren't covered by other tiles or between two tiles on the left and right sides. With the plants and seasons, they can pair any tiles from within each category. The game also features completely blank tiles that only match with other blank tiles.

The game displays a timer, the number of available pairs, and Hint and Mix buttons along the top of the table. It doesn't have a countdown timer. Instead, the clock merely shows how long it's taking the player to win, which can motivate them to find pairs faster and do better with other patterns and levels. The Hint button reveals a pair of tiles with a flashing lilac color. The Mix button shuffles the tiles into new positions to reveal covered and blocked ones.

Real Mahjong doesn't offer an undo button. It also doesn't penalize the player for selecting non-matching tiles. If they run out of moves, the game allows them to mix the tiles and keep playing.

How To Play

Pick one of the 18 patterns. Review the number of currently available pairs at the top of the table to the right of the timer. Look for matching pairs among the tiles in the pattern. Select the first one, wait for it to turn green, and then select the second one. If desired or necessary, use the Hint and Mix buttons. Play every level. Replay every level to beat the last-best time.


Mouse: Click buttons and ivory tiles.
Mobile: Tap buttons and tiles.

Real Mahjong
Real Mahjong.

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