Block Blast

Block Blast is a block-puzzle game similar to the classic wood-block variety that challenges a player to earn the most points possible by creating eight-block columns and rows on an 8x8 dark blue, rounded-cornered board with polyomino shapes. When the player creates one or more columns or rows, the game removes the lines by breaking the blocks into smaller, round-cornered block shapes that then fade from the screen. 

The player receives the most points, displayed in front of a pulsing heart at the top center of the screen, when they complete combination moves of removing multiple lines with one shape placement. The game tracks their all-time score record from game to game next to a gold crown in the upper-left area.

Block Blast ends play if the player runs out of empty spaces to place shapes. The player receives sets of three shapes at a time below the board. They must clear away all three pieces before the next set loads. The game uses visual and audio cues to cheer for the player whenever they complete specific moves.

If the game ends, the player can restore their current play by using a revive option and viewing an advertising video.

How To PLay

Select any of the shapes under the board. Slide it to a position on the grid. Use the shapes to build partial lines of columns or rows. Place the shapes sporadically to leave extra space for new shapes. Finish multiple lines at one time with a single shape. Continue playing in this way to build up the highest score possible. If necessary, view an ad video to use the revive option. 


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To select and place a polyomino shape, click and slide it onto the board.
Mobile: Click buttons and icons. To place a shape, tap and slide it onto the board.

Block Blast
Block Blast.

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