Rummy, also known as Rummy Multiplayer, is an online version of the Rummy card game that offers single-player and multiplayer turn-based gameplay. With the former option, the player can play against up to three virtual players created in either two-player, three-player or four-player mode. With the latter option, the player creates a nickname and either joins a random existing room for a quick match against up to three other real players or creates a room for up to three others to play with them by invitation.

The player's goal is to reach 100 points before their opponent or opponents across a series of discard-style rounds. They start out with 10 cards in their hand. During their turn, they must select a draw or waste pile card and then discard a card.

To end a round and earn the most points, the player attempts to place their cards quickly on the table in sets and discard their hand. They can only perform specific moves, such as placing a Tris (three cards of the same type from different suits), a Poker (four cards of the same type), or a Straight (three or more cards in ascending order of the same suit).

Rummy doesn't reward the player with points based on the value of the placed sets. Instead, it rewards them with the value of their opponent's remaining cards at 10 points per court card and the number value of all other cards. If they can complete their win in one turn, they receive double the points.

The game provides a shuffle button marked with twisted double arrows at the bottom-right corner. The player uses it to rearrange their cards and find potential sets.

How to Play:

Review the 10 cards for potential sets. If necessary, use the shuffle button. Pick a card from the draw or waste pile during each turn. To prevent an opponent or opponents from discarding by building on existing sets, hold one or more sets for a big final move. Discard all cards first.


Mouse: Click buttons and cards.
Mobile: Tap buttons and cards.


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