Adventures With Pets Bubble Shooter

Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game with animal rescue and renovation themes. After a storm, a girl named Alice has amnesia. She can`t remember why her village of Gardenland experienced a fire or why there are a lot of cats and dogs everywhere trapped in bubbles. She needs the player`s help with restoring the village, freeing the pets, and finding clues to the mystery!

Every level presents the player with a unique pattern of hanging bubbles. The game pulls the patterns up to the top of the playfield and beyond from the bottom to give the player the opportunity to see the challenges on a particular level beforehand.

As noted at the upper-left corner, the player might only need to rescue pets or clear the entire field. They use a targeting line made of arrowheads to prompt Alice to toss a hexagon-shaped pebble from a leather backpack into the air toward two or more matching linked hanging bubbles. They might need to swap the pebble with a different colored one by touching the backpack first.

Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter provides the player with helpful boosters. For example, the player can burst bubbles with flames by hitting swirling fire pebbles. When the player directs Alice to hit clusters or booster bubbles correctly, the upper-right progress bar fills.

The player receives points, star-imprinted coins and pink rubies for their efforts. They also receive coins and rubies when they open blue-and-gold chests and accept daily streak rewards. They use the coins and rubies to perform village renovations.

How to Play:

Toss pebbles to hit two or more matching linked ones to form poppable clusters. Save pets. Use special booster bubbles. Perform Gardenland renovations.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot without the targeting arrowheads, position the cursor and click. To shoot with the line, press the left button to make it appear onscreen, slide the mouse to direct the aim, and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot without the line, position the cursor and tap. To shoot with it, press the touch pad or screen, slide the tip of the finger or stylus, and then stop.

Adventures With Pets Bubble Shooter
Adventures With Pets Bubble Shooter.

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