Bubble Game 3 Christmas Edition

Bubble Game 3: Christmas Edition is a winter-holiday-themed bubble-popping game. Against a classic bubble shooter interface decked out with a snow-filled blue sky, the player pops clusters of three or more bubble ball ornaments on a frosty white playfield. Their goal is to earn the highest possible score while clearing the field of all bubbles.

For each shot, the game provides a simple ring shooter with a Christmas tree as a targeting pointer and a ball ornament projectile. It also allows the player to plan ahead by providing a non-swappable preview of the next projectile to the far left.

When the player shoots accurately, a cluster of matching ball ornament bubbles pops explosively and disappears from the field. Any non-matching bubbles also pop and reward the player with bonus points. The game displays the player`s updated score to the right of the playfield.

Bubble Game 3: Christmas Edition allows the player to misfire or fail to pop bubbles five times. The game shows five free passes as white bubbles to the left of the shooter. When these bubbles disappear over time, it drops another row of ball ornaments onto the field from the top. The player must then come up with a longer, new strategy for clearing away all the bubbles.

How to Play:

Align the Christmas tree arrow with two or more connected bubble ball ornaments that match the projectile, and then shoot to create and pop a cluster. Try to make consecutive shots that always pop bubbles to prevent more bubbles from dropping onto the playfield. Clear the entire field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To align the Christmas tree arrow and shoot, slide the mouse, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger, and then tap the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Game 3 Christmas Edition
Bubble Game 3 Christmas Edition.

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