Bubble Pop Classic

Bubble Pop Classic is a bubble-popping adventure in an ancient temple setting. The player`s goal is to complete missions, unlock new levels, and earn coins and stars. Early missions include clearing all bubbles in a pattern, collecting gemstones, transforming soap bubbles, breaking ceramic pots, and knocking metal balls from the playfield.

The game starts a level by loading a pattern of hanging bubbles onto the screen before hiding most of the pattern out of sight. The player uses this information to best gauge where to shoot before any part of the pattern slides down from the top. The game gives the player many powerful tools to help them complete their missions. To start, they receive a ring shooter, two swappable bubble projectiles, and a white-hot, precision-targeting, color-matched laser line.

Some patterns contain weapons, such as dynamite bubbles that burst and cause an explosive chain reaction when hit by any projectile. With consecutive hits, the player also charges various boosters, including bombs that take out sections and rainbow bubbles that remove one-color clusters. With a rainbow bubble, the player can take out two clusters with one shot if the bubble hits two separate, linked groups of one-color bubbles at the same time.

Bubble Pop Classic rewards the player with chest treasures and spin-wheel prizes. The player also receives bonus points for non-matching bubbles that drop in an avalanche and projectiles leftover at the end of a level.

How to Play:

Review the mission for the level. Attempt to memorize part or all of the pattern as it loads onto the screen. Make clusters of three or more matching bubbles with projectiles. If necessary, select the ring to swap projectiles. Use powerful pattern- and projectile-based tools. Collect rewards.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the laser and shoot, slide the mouse to aim for a direct or side-wall-angled shot, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the stylus or finger to aim, and then tap.

Bubble Pop Classic
Bubble Pop Classic.

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