Bubble Queen Cat

Bubble Queen Cat is a bubble-popping game with a cat-rescue theme. Against a nighttime tropical backdrop that features stunning silhouettes of palm trees, the player pops patterns of hanging bubbles in clusters of three or more matching bubbles via a ring shooter. Their goal is to complete tasks, earn three pawprint-marked golden stars per level, collect special rewards from presents, and rescue cats trapped in bubbles.

The player pops clusters by shooting bubble projectiles with a shooter that has two swappable projectiles and a white-hot laser aiming line with a projectile-color-matched outline. The game helps the player by sliding the pattern of bubbles from the bottom to the top of the screen and then out of sight. The player can use this brief loading process to partially or fully memorize the positions of bubbles to make shots from the shooter more accurate.

Bubble Queen Cat provides many powerful tools, including pattern bubbles that contain weapons like dynamite that blasts away bubbles and thunderstorm bolts of lightning that randomly remove bubbles. The player also charges boosters located at the bottom of the screen when they make a certain number of consecutive hits or drop a specific number of bubbles, including bombs, rockets and energy blasts.

The player must clear a level quickly to earn the most points and stars. They also earn bonus points for every projectile they don`t use by the end of a level. The game rewards them with gift boxes and lucky spin prizes as well.

How to Play:

Review the task. Pop bubble clusters with bubble projectiles, weapons and boosters. To switch projectiles at any time, select the center of the ring that displays the number of moves. Enjoy gifts and prizes.


Mouse: Click buttons. To aim and shoot a bubble projectile, drag the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Bubble Queen Cat
Bubble Queen Cat.

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