Bubble Shooter Challenge 2

Bubble Shooter Challenge 2 is a bubble-shooting game that features candy-style ball-like bubbles that bounce around a dark blue playfield before popping on spaces labeled with points (i.e., 50, 100, 250, 100 and 50) at the bottom of the field. The player attempts to earn as many points as possible to rank on a global leaderboard by shooting bubble projectiles to knock clusters of matching bubbles and any non-matching ones attached to those bubbles off hanging rows.

The game features a color-matched dotted targeting line with a non-swappable standalone main projectile. It doesn`t have an arrow, bow or cannon shooter. The player uses the line to target color-matched bubbles to either knock a cluster from the rows or start a cluster to create a later bubble-popping opportunity. If they manage to knock clusters from the rows consecutively, they receive increasing multipliers displayed in the bottom-left area.

Bubble Shooter Challenge 2 eventually rewards the player with a laser booster that burns through a line of mixed-colored bubbles because of these consecutive successful shots. If the player fails to stop the rows from sliding any bubbles to the bottom of the field, the game ends. If they perform well enough to rank on the leaderboard of the top 50 players worldwide, the game prompts them to add their details to it.

How to Play:

Look for a candy-like bubble ball along the bottom row that matches the projectile`s color. If one is available, shoot the projectile at that bubble. Shoot additional projectiles to remove clusters. Always attempt consecutive cluster hits. When the laser booster becomes available, use it.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a bubble projectile, align the color-matched dotted targeting line by sliding the mouse, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot a projectile, align the targeting line by sliding the finger or stylus on the touch pad or screen, and tap once.

Bubble Shooter Challenge 2
Bubble Shooter Challenge 2.

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