Bubble Shooter Challenge

Bubble Shooter Challenge is a bubble-popping game. The player pops clusters of glossy, candy-like bubbles hanging in rows against a dark blue backdrop using projectile bubbles shot from the bottom of the field. Their goal is to clear the field and earn a high score.

The player receives access to a main bubble projectile and a secondary projectile. That said, the game doesn`t give them the ability to swap these projectiles for better shots. Instead, the player must always use the current one to take a shot, even if the shot doesn`t pop any bubbles. The game also gives the player a color-matched dotted targeting line for more precise hits. It doesn`t provide a traditional shooter, such as an arrow and a bow or cannon.

The bubbles also don`t pop on the field. The game drops a cluster of connected matching bubbles and any non-matching ones attached underneath to spaces marked with numbers (i.e., 50, 100, 250, 100 and 50). A bubble bounces around before hitting a space, becoming a clear bubble with a white outline, and then disappearing when the game assigns points.

Bubble Shooter Challenge offers a multiplier system that increases with every consecutive hit that results from a projectile knocking bubbles off the field. The player can track the multiplier near the lower-left corner. They can review their current score near the lower-right corner.

How to Play:

Align the dotted targeting line. Shoot the projectile at connected matching bubbles to knock a cluster from the rows or prepare a later shot. Shoot projectiles for as long as possible in an attempt to clear the field of all the bubbles.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a candy-like bubble projectile at the hanging rows, slide the mouse to direct the dotted line, and then click.

Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus and tap.

Bubble Shooter Challenge
Bubble Shooter Challenge.

Bubble Shooter