Bubble Shooter Farm Fruit

Bubble Shooter: Farm Fruit is a bubble-popping game with baby-animal rescue play. Against a desert backdrop, the player helps a chicken rescue trapped chicks in patterns of bubbles across 23 standard levels and one infinite level. They receive a score, a bonus score for combination maneuvers and unused projectiles, and up to three stars for their efforts.

The clear bubbles contain various types of whole fruit, including apples, grape clusters, lemons and watermelons. Frosty, rock-like ice bubbles, metallic hearts and other objects are also often in each pattern.

The game loads a pattern from the bottom to the top of the field and then pulls much of it out of view beyond the top to give the player hints about the locations of each chick, the distribution of bubbles based on color and type, and other important factors.

The player doesn`t use a shooter or prompt the chicken to use one. Instead, they prompt it to accept matching bubbles from a cylindrical wicker basket, jump slightly and throw each one up toward the pattern. They use a double-arrow icon on the basket to swap these projectiles at any time.

Bubble Shooter: Farm Fruit teaches the player to think strategically during gameplay. For example, the player needs to sometimes target a horizontal row or other type of cluster of matched fruit higher in the pattern near other non-matched bubbles that fall like an avalanche after the player hits the target.

How to Play:

Attempt to memorize the locations of at least the chicks when a pattern loads. Use the large dots in the aiming line to target specific spots. If necessary, use the arrows on the basket to swap projectiles. Prompt the chicken to throw bubbles upward. Review the level and star achievement progression on the vertical bar at the upper-left corner.


Mouse: Click buttons. To prompt the chicken to jump and throw a bubble into the air, slide the mouse to direct the aiming line, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To prompt the chicken to throw bubbles, slide the stylus or finger, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Farm Fruit
Bubble Shooter Farm Fruit.

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