Bubble Shooter Fun

Bubble Shooter: Fun is an enjoyable bubble-popping game with 600 levels and a space theme with 26 image maps. The player`s goal is to pop clusters of matching bubbles to reach stars trapped in some bubbles. They don`t need to pop every bubble in a pattern to complete a level. They merely need to collect the stars. They also collect coins, diamonds, points and separate level-only stars.

The game slowly pulls a pattern up the playfield from the bottom. The player uses this preview to make better shooting decisions and strategies when firing projectiles at the groups of bubbles with a ring shooter. To increase the chance of every shot popping clusters of bubbles, they receive a dotted aiming line and two projectiles at a time. They can also switch the projectiles.

Bubble Shooter: Fun finds ways to make it more difficult for the player to win. After a streak of consecutive shots, for example, it blocks targets with floating stars of different colors and sizes that rise up from the portals onto the playfield. Of course, the player receives tools that offset these challenges, such as classic bubble-popping boosters (i.e., bombs, rainbow bubbles and rockets) and unique weapons (i.e., fireballs and vines). They can make even more powerful bubble-popping tools by combining some tools.

The game assigns points when the player pops a cluster. They also receive bonus points when an avalanche of non-matching bubbles beneath a cluster drops into portals near the bottom of the field. This higher-up shooting strategy involves the player firing a projectile bubble at a group of bubbles above other bubbles instead of only at bottom-row groupings. If the player gains access to a third projectile, they can use it to pop bubbles faster as well.

How to Play:

Create clusters of matching bubbles. Collect stars. Use boosters, special tools and powerful upgraded tools.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, position the cursor on a target and click, or press the left button, slide the mouse, and then release.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, tap a target, or press the trackpad or screen, and release.

Bubble Shooter Fun
Bubble Shooter Fun.

Bubble Shooter