Bubble Shooter Gold

Bubble Shooter Gold is a bubble-popping game. On a moonlit night in a river canyon with steep cliffs below mountains in the distance, the player pops patterns of multi-colored bubbles hanging in the foreground in groups of three or more with a limited number of projectiles.

Instead of a circular ring, Bubble Shooter Gold uses the golden prongs of a decorative ring that would normally grasp a precious gemstone to hold the main projectile. The projectile`s colored bubble rests inside a clear bubble with a blue outline. The game displays the number of available projectiles underneath the shooter.

The player uses a long line of tiny bubbles that match the projectile`s color as an aiming line. To better guarantee that a hit pops a group of bubbles with every shot, they sometimes also swap the main projectile with one or more nearby projectiles. The player tracks the number of bubbles still on the field at any time after a shot at the top center of the screen.

Bubble Shooter Gold gives the player boosters to help remove bubbles, including an extra third projectile and dynamite. It also provides the player with daily bonuses and chests filled with treasures.

How to Play:

Look for bubbles on the hanging rows that match one of the available bubble projectiles. If necessary, switch the main projectile with a different one to make the first shot. Continue this process to pop groups of bubbles. If available, use a booster. Collect daily bonuses and treasure chest gifts.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To shoot at the hanging rows of colored bubbles, slide the mouse to direct the aiming line, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To shoot at the rows, slide the finger or stylus to align the shot, and then tap once.

Bubble Shooter Gold
Bubble Shooter Gold.

Bubble Shooter