Bubble Shooter HD 3

Bubble Shooter HD 3 is another installment in the popular Bubble Shooter HD bubble-popping series. This game offers the same outstanding high-definition graphics and glossy candy-colored bubbles, but with some fun extras. As with the previous games, the player wins by removing all bubbles from the playfield in linked clusters of three or more matching bubbles at a time using a shooter. Beyond this goal, they attempt to earn base and bonus scores.

The player starts by using the menu tab marked with three horizontal lines at the lower-right corner to make background color, difficulty level, targeting and other changes. With three sliders, they can make the playfield any color. The difficulty level options include an easy mode (Novice), a medium mode (Expert) and a hard mode (Master). They can also choose to continue to use the default frosted dotted targeting line or switch to a frosted pointer arrow.

The game offers several challenges as well. Although it shows the player the next projectile near the lower-left area of the screen, the player can`t swap projectiles. Additionally, they can only miss popping a cluster five times, as represented by five silver-gray bubbles next to the preview. Once they lose these bubbles, a new row drops down onto the screen. Also, they`re permitted fewer misses with each round.

Bubble Shooter HD 3 enhances play by offering three free gold-colored round bombs that take out a massive radius of 15 bubbles of any color at a time. It also offers unique and soothing bubble-popping sounds that change from cluster to cluster. The game pops random bubbles automatically when a row drops.

How to Play:

Adjust the settings. Check the bottom row of hanging bubbles for two or more linked ones that match the projectile. Target these bubbles with the dotted line or arrow. Shoot the projectile. If no cluster match exists, shoot the projectile at one matching bubble, if available. Use bombs. Clear the entire field.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To shoot with the dotted line or arrow, slide the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To perform a targeted shot, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter HD 3
Bubble Shooter HD 3.

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