Bubble Shooter Hexagon

Bubble Shooter Hexagon is a timed bubble-popping game. Against a backdrop of a hazy lake valley with high, rocky cliffs and scattered trees at dusk, the player pops clusters of three or more round-cornered hexagon-shaped bubbles that look like glossy candies with squiggly patterned designs. They must clear all playfields of these hexa bubbles across 48 levels to earn the highest possible achievement score.

The game displays the bubbles in hanging patterns. The player shoots at each one using a unique wire-style arrow shooter without an aiming line. When they successfully create a cluster with a bubble projectile and at least two connected matching hexa bubbles, the cluster shrinks, bursts into many smaller identical bubbles, and then drops and fades from the field.

The player removes the most bubbles the fastest by shooting at a horizontal row or connected patterned line of identical bubbles with non-matching ones attached to the cluster. If they finish before time runs out, they receive a time bonus of 100 points based on every 10 seconds. For example, if 12 seconds remain on the clock, they receive 120 points.

Bubble Shooter Hexagon makes play more difficult in traditional and non-traditional ways. The player loses a level if they allow any bubbles to reach the bottom of the field or run out of time. They can only continue with the removal of two rows of bubbles or the addition of 30 seconds on the clock if they watch ads. The game also makes it difficult for the player to see the sidewalls. The color of the vertical lines blends in with the backdrop.

How to Play:

Don`t look at the clock. Instead, compare the projectile bubble in the shooter to the pattern to find a match. Shoot the projectile at two matching bubbles to pop clusters or set up a future shot.


Mouse: Click buttons. To pop clusters with hexa bubble projectiles, slide the mouse to aim and click the left button to shoot.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To pop clusters, slide the finger or stylus and tap the touch pad or screen.

Bubble Shooter Hexagon
Bubble Shooter Hexagon.

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