Bubble Shooter Level Pack

Bubble Shooter Level Pack is a bubble-popping game that features 48 extremely challenging levels. As with most bubble shooters, the player must clear hanging bubbles from a playfield to earn points. Beyond that requirement, the player must also deal with extreme time and penalty rules.

Against a scene of a sunlit mountain caldera or valley lake and shore, the player shoots at connected bubbles with swirled colored surfaces using a basic shooter that features a gradient-blue, metal-like pointer arrow and a bubble projectile. They must hit at least two connected bubbles that match the color of the projectile to pop a group. When they shoot accurately, the game breaks the bubbles into smaller bubbles that pop and then fade from the field.

Bubble Shooter Level Pack displays the level, score and time on the right side. The player has only a minute and a half initially to clear all the bubbles. With a standard bubble-popping game, the task wouldn`t be so difficult. This game doesn`t include a targeting line. It also penalizes the player every time they fail to pop bubbles.

The player starts with a score of 1,400 points. Without a targeting line, it`s extremely hard to make accurate wide shots. Every time the player fails, they lose 200 points as a penalty and must replay the level. The game tracks their level and total scores.

How to Play:

Review the bubble in the shooter and the playfield bubbles. Shoot the projectile at color-matched bubbles. Pop groups of bubbles as often as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a swirled-color bubble projectile, slide the mouse to point the arrow at a specific cluster of matching bubbles, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot a projectile, slide the finger or stylus to direct the pointer arrow, and then tap once.

Bubble Shooter Level Pack
Bubble Shooter Level Pack.

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