Bubble Shooter Lof Toons

Bubble Shooter Lof Toons is a bubble-shooting game that features emojis called smiley toons displaying various facial expressions. It also has a rare bubble shooter setup that requires the player to shoot bubbles at circular lines of bubbles sticking to a wheel that slowly rotates clockwise.

As with other games in this category, the player must create and pop groups of three or more matching bubbles. They use a bubble shooter that has a carved, wooden arrow with a projectile bubble at the center that changes after each shot. That said, the similarities with most other bubble shooters end here.

The wheel has two circular lines of see-through, smoky gray spaces that the player must use to create bubble groups. If they fill up both lines vertically, new projectile bubbles shot at the same spot pop without sticking to the wheel. If trying to set up a future shot, the player can only make bubbles stick to the empty gray spaces.

Bubble Shoot Lof Toons is unique for other reasons. For example, it doesn`t reward the player with new points for every popped bubble. Instead, the player receives a starting balance of 10,000 points. The game then decreases the points incrementally with the passage of time.

The game helps the player track the number of smiley toons remaining at any given time in the lower-right corner. The ever-changing score appears to the right of this number, next to a star icon.

How to Play:

Shoot projectiles at two or more matching connected smiley toons. Clear the wheel as quickly as possible. To remove smiley toons faster, create groups of bubbles above non-matching connected ones to cause an avalanche of non-matching bubbles.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot with the wooden arrow, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of a stylus or finger and tap.

Bubble Shooter Lof Toons
Bubble Shooter Lof Toons.

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