Bubble Shooter Planets

Bubble Shooter Planets is a bubble-shooting game that features bubble balls that look like planets hanging from a press-style plate in front of a blue-black starfield. The player`s goal is to clear the playfield across 100 levels and earn a total of three gold stars per level. They can only earn all stars if they play strategically and use the fewest possible projectiles.

The bubble balls don`t pop on the field. Instead, the player uses a bubble shooter that looks like part of a spaceship to knock clusters of at least three matching balls, including the projectile, from the hanging rows before the press plate pushes the balls to the bottom of the field. The game provides a preview of the next projectile to help the player prepare two shots at a time before shooting.

It`s important to note that a cluster of balls hit by a matching projectile fall naturally from the rows and disappear below the bottom edge of the field. Row balls pushed down the field by the press plate cause the player to lose the game if the connected balls touch the edge.

Bubble Shooter Planets provides the player with a gradient-white, narrow aiming line attached to a floating metal arrowhead to target bubble balls. That said, the player shouldn`t trust the line entirely because the narrow width doesn`t take into account the true wider width of the balls, as seen with other games.

How to Play:

Check the bubble ball planet projectile in the shooter against the ones hanging from the press plate. Align the aiming line and then shoot it at two or more matching ones to knock the balls from the field, or shoot it at a standalone ball to prepare for a later shot.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a bubble ball projectile from the spaceship shooter, slide the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide a fingertip or stylus, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Planets
Bubble Shooter Planets.

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