Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 is a bubble shooter with a soccer theme. The player shoots soccer ball bubbles at a goal net that has rows of mixed-color similar balls hanging from it. Their goal is to knock matching balls in groups of three or more from the net down to scoring zones, where the balls pop and disappear from the field.

The player receives a ring shooter and projectiles. Additionally, they receive a dotted aiming line that matches the color of each projectile. Although they also receive a preview of the next projectile in the lower-left area, they can`t swap it with the main one for easier, faster hits. That said, they can use the preview to prepare their next shot before they shoot the current projectile.

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 gives the player several other useful tools to help them win on each level. It supplies the player with the option to not create clusters three times, as tracked with three gray balls in the lower-left area, before issuing a penalty. It also creates a booster when the player performs consecutive hits. The band on the shooter changes colors from green to yellow and then red. After it displays red, the player receives a black-and-white soccer ball that hits and removes balls of any color from the net.

How to Play:

Check the rows of connected colored soccer balls for matching groups. Review the projectile ball and preview ball colors. Shoot the projectile to create a group of three or more balls. Continue shooting balls to clear the rows away and earn points. When available, use the special black-and-white booster soccer ball.


Mouse: Click buttons. To aim and shoot, drag the mouse and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the finger or stylus and tap.

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2
Bubble Shooter Soccer 2.

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