Bubble Shooter Story

Bubble Shooter: Story is a bubble shooter that features a traveling adventure theme. An adorable brown bear riding a hot air balloon invites the player to visit exciting locations on floating, island-like land masses in the sky and outer space. The player travels from one level, or stage, to another by completing specific goals related to shooting bubbles hanging on a playfield, such as exposing lights behind bubbles, hitting rotating targets and releasing animals in bubbles. They can only remove bubbles from the field by creating groups made of three matching ones with projectiles.

The game features hours of fun across 75 stages. In each stage, the player shoots bubble projectiles using a silver-gray metal cannon that has two swappable projectiles in it at all times. An optional dotted line booster exists to help with targeting connected bubbles to form matched groups. When the player successfully hits a target, the bubbles pop. Any bubbles connected only to those bubbles drop into matching bowls with yellow trim accents positioned around the cannon. Extra bubbles provide the player with bonus points.

Bubble Shooter: Story offers more than one booster. The player can use bombs to take out some bubbles or rainbow bubbles to match any bubbles. They can also add five extra projectiles to their total allotment. They purchase these boosters with coins that they receive every time they complete a goal and stage. The player tracks their coins on the left side of the screen. They also track if they`re on target to receive three stars per stage via a red progress bar that fills up on a three-star-labeled horizontal bar.

How to Play:

Check the goal. Create matching bubble clusters with projectiles. Reach the goal. Whenever possible, use the boosters to reach a goal faster. Collect coins. Buy more boosters. Play all the levels.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot with or without the targeting dots, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus and tap.

Bubble Shooter Story
Bubble Shooter Story.

Bubble Shooter