Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush

Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush, a bubble-popping game with an undersea and pirate treasure-hunting theme, tasks a player with meeting specific goals by grouping three or more clusters of matching bubbles with projectiles shot from a gold-striped black cannon. The player must collect a specific number of bubbles and treasure chests to reveal coins, earn points, and unlock new levels.

The game presents mixed bubbles as hanging rows that slowly drop down the playfield screen. The player receives one projectile in the cannon and an arrow targeting pointer. When they complete a grouping of bubbles, the entire cluster shrinks and then explodes as smaller bubbles that fall and fade. When they remove bubbles around an attached treasure chest, the chest bursts to reveal coins before disappearing from the screen.

Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush makes play difficult by sometimes rolling bubble projectiles slightly off non-matching bubbles during a shot. As a result, the player must use precision when shooting to prevent a bubble from rolling like a ball into the wrong position.

If the player fails to prevent row bubbles from reaching the bottom of the play area, they either continue by watching an ad video or start over.

How to Play:

Review the goals to the right of the playfield. Use the cannon to create clusters of three or more identical bubbles. Remove bubbles around chests to collect coins. Prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom of the field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot at two or more matching bubbles with precision using a bubble projectile from the cannon, slide the mouse to position the cursor directly above a targeted bubble or empty space next to the bubble, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot with the cannon, slide the finger or stylus to position the cursor for a precise shot, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush
Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush.

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