Bubble Shooter Wheel

Bubble Shooter Wheel is a bubble-popping game. Against a nighttime river scene in a jungle, the player pops clusters of colorfully patterned bubbles using an arrow shooter.

This game offers a unique setup. Unlike most bubble shooters, the bubbles don`t hang from the top of the screen. Instead, they stick in circular mixed-bubble lines to a giant wheel that rotates clockwise at a moderate rate of speed. The game also presents a unique time challenge. The player must remove all bubbles from the wheel before the game reverses entirely the starting score of 10,000 points by removing points from a balance every second until the player clears the wheel.

The player reviews the total number of bubbles to remove from the wheel at any given time at the lower-left corner. The score-reduction area is next to it. The player can only add projectile bubbles to the wheel to create bubble clusters initially on two lines of empty, see-through blue spaces. If they fill these lines vertically, the projectile bubble pops without penalty. That said, they lose more points during the time they wasted the shot. The player can either create a cluster or prepare a future shot with the spaces. They can shoot in a direct manner or use the sidewalls to shoot at angles.

Bubble Shooter Wheel doesn`t penalize the player for misfires either. In fact, if the player can`t find an opening to pop a cluster or prepare a shot, they can shoot a non-matching projectile off the playfield entirely by shooting along the outer circular line toward one of the upper corners.

How to Play:

Create clusters of three or more matching bubbles with the projectiles. Direct the targeting arrow and time each shot carefully. Shoot unneeded projectiles off the playfield. Remove every bubble from the wheel as fast as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot directly or at an angle, slide the mouse to direct where the arrow points, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus toward a target, and then tap.

Bubble Shooter Wheel
Bubble Shooter Wheel.

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