Bubble Strike

Bubble Strike, or New Bubble Shooter, is a bubble-popping game. Against a spooky nighttime scene of a creepy castle with flying bats and a graveyard bathed in light from a full, round moon in the backdrop, the player shoots bubbles in an attempt to achieve the highest score in competitive play against other online players. Instead of popping bubbles directly, they use bubble projectiles shot from a ring shooter to knock clusters of three or more bubbles into colored pots that pop the bubbles and assign points.

The player makes accurate hits by directing a targeting line that features white dots outlined with a color that matches the projectile at any given time. They must shoot with precision because projectiles sometimes roll when accidentally directed too close to non-matching bubbles. If necessary, they can swap the main projectile with the second one to guarantee a higher percentage of bubble-dropping hits. The game tracks the number of consecutive hits, or combos, in the lower-right area.

Bubble Strike also offers several boosters that apply bonus points or drop bubbles of any color faster. For example, a multiplier bubble increases points of nearby clusters of bubbles. A sun bomb knocks a straight, wide path of bubbles from the playfield.

If the player loses, they can watch an ad video for a second chance. Otherwise, the game shows them their rank as compared to other online players. This bubble shooter also features crown achievement rewards for popping a specific number of bubbles and playing for a certain amount of time.

How to Play:

Align a shot that directs a bubble projectile at two or more matching bubbles connected on the playfield. Shoot the cluster to knock it from the field into the pots. If necessary, switch the main and secondary projectiles. When available, use multipliers and boosters.


Mouse: Click buttons. To align the shot and shoot, drag the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the tip of a finger or stylus and tap.

Bubble Strike
Bubble Strike.

Bubble Shooter