Bubbles Daily Top

Bubbles: Daily TOP is a bubble-shooting game that focuses on competitive play. The player must attempt to remove as many bubbles from a playfield as possible on a level to achieve a score that ranks them higher than other global players.

The player performs this task by using a ring shooter, a dotted targeting line, and two swappable bubbles to create clusters of three or more identical bubbles. Every cluster they remove from the field generates points. Specific actions can generate bonus points. For example, they receive a bonus after a specific number of consecutive shots that remove bubbles or a streak, and when a shot causes an avalanche of non-matching bubbles below a cluster to fall from the field.

Bubbles: Daily TOP provides the player with challenging scenarios as the rows of bubbles slide down the field. It speeds up the descent over time. The player must never allow any bubble from a row to touch a black line near the bottom of the field. They aren`t allowed to pop clouds or rocks. The game even features two-color bubbles that switch colors that don`t match the current projectile`s color when hit.

Of course, it also supplies helpful tools, including a snowflake that can pause the slide, fireballs that remove a path of bubbles in a straight line, and an electricity bubble that removes a horizontal row and causes an avalanche of bubbles below that row.

How to Play:

Pop bubbles and clear away objects with projectile shots. If necessary, switch projectile bubbles by selecting the swirling white arrows within the ring part of the shooter. Create shooting strategies. Whenever possible, use boosters. Rank high on the leaderboard.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, drag the mouse in a direction, and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the stylus or finger, and then tap.

Bubbles Daily Top
Bubbles Daily Top.

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