Colors Bubble Shooter

Colors Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game that creates large colored circles that overlap and fade like ripples in water after a cluster of bubbles pops. The player`s goal is to earn points, three stars, and blue diamonds by removing hanging bubble patterns on each level with as few projectiles as possible.

The player uses a basic white arrow-and-ring shooter and two swappable bubble projectiles. They must target clusters of two or more linked matching bubbles, with or without a targeting line made of color-matched mini bubbles. They receive extra points for non-cluster bubbles that fall from the hanging ones after a cluster pops and bonus points for unused projectiles.

Colors Bubble Shooter allows the player to use prop boosters to pop bubbles faster, including bombs, lightning bolts and rainbow bubbles. It provides the boosters as bubble boosters mixed in a pattern or as purchased or gifted tools below the playfield.

The player uses their diamonds to purchase more. They can also use diamonds or ad video views to gain new background wallpapers, including a blue winter sky with falling snowflakes and colorful bursting fireworks. They can claim free diamonds by accepting daily bonus or achievement rewards and watching ads.

How to Play:

Pop clusters of three or more bubbles with a projectile or prop booster. Use the lowest number of projectiles possible to improve the chance of earning all three stars in a level. Earn or claim diamonds. Buy more prop boosters and wallpapers.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot without the targeting line, slide the mouse to place the cursor in an exact position, and then click. To use the line, press the left button before sliding the mouse, align the mini bubbles with a target, and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot without the targeting line, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap. To use the line, press the touch pad or screen before the slide, align the shooter with a target, and then stop pressing the surface.

Colors Bubble Shooter
Colors Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter