Cute Monster Bubble Shooter

Cute Monster Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game that features happy emoji-style monster heads. Against a nature scene presented with a bokeh effect, the player attempts to earn points and complete levels by popping clusters of three or more matching monster heads and collecting red-and-white swirled candies.

The game rapidly slides rows of monster heads toward the bottom of the playfield. If the player doesn`t reach the candy fast enough, it displays distracting flashing red warnings (i.e., a red-and-white diagonally striped horizontal bar and a red warning stop sign with a white exclamation point) to make it more difficult for the player to complete a level. Since there`s no targeting line or swappable projectiles, the player must make every shot from a wooden cannon shooter as accurate as possible with hand-eye coordination and manual precision targeting.

Cute Monster Bubble Shooter helps the player with various power-up booster bubbles distributed across the hanging bubble rows. The player can target a clock that slows the descent of the bubbles, wrapped dynamite that removes bubbles in a blast zone, lightning bolts that take out horizontal rows, circus cannons that serve as wild cards, and other tools that quickly pop bubbles on the field.

How to Play:

Hit two or more connected hanging monster head bubbles that match the projectile. Shoot a projectile at any power-up to break the bubble encasing it and set off the booster. For the most points per level, always use the shooter to clear away every bubble. To end a level quickly with fewer points, shoot the candy instead of clearing the field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To complete a cluster of monster head bubbles, slide the mouse to point the arrow, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To complete a cluster, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Cute Monster Bubble Shooter
Cute Monster Bubble Shooter.

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