Glossy Bubble

Glossy Bubbles Challenge is a bubble-shooting game that features glossy, bouncy bubbles in vibrant colors. The challenge of the game for the player is to earn the highest possible score by knocking the bubbles consistently into colored striped cups before the multicolored pattern sliding down the playfield reach a penalty zone marked by a horizontal line.

The player receives a ring shooter with a dotted targeting line and two swappable projectiles. They can only knock bubbles off the pattern by forming matching clusters of three or more connected ones. As a result, they use a projectile to target and hit two or more connected matching ones. They earn points for every bubble. If they perform a streak without any mistakes, they multiply their points and eventually earn a fireball that cuts a straight, wide path through bubbles of any color with a single shot.

Glossy Bubbles Challenge also allows the player to upgrade the designs of the bubbles and background by watching advertising videos. For example, they might select a dessert landscape, a Paris romance scene, a fantasy forest or a winter town.

How to Play:

Review quickly the projectiles and the bottom-row pattern bubbles. Start shooting projectiles. If necessary, swap projectiles for better shots. Attempt to knock bubbles off the pattern with every shot to gain points multipliers and a fireball. Continue for as long as possible to earn the highest possible score before the pattern reaches the penalty zone.


Mouse: Click buttons. To direct the dotted targeting line and shoot a projectile, slide the mouse left or right, and then click. To swap projectiles, click inside the ring.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To target a pattern bubble and shoot a projectile, slide the stylus or finger left or right, and then tap. To swap projectiles, tap inside the ring.

Glossy Bubble
Glossy Bubble.

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