Kitty Bubbles

Kitty Bubbles is a fun bubble-popping game with a kitten-at-play theme. In a room with striped wallpaper, a cute blue-eyed kitten with brown-and-white fur and a red collar loves to play with balls of yarn. Along the top of the wall, colored yarn ball bubbles hang in rows. The player must direct the kitten to hit two or more adjacent balls with a matching ball of yarn repeatedly to remove the yarn from the wall.

This game has a gradient-white arrow to align shots and a targeting frame. Instead of a projectile yarn ball resting on a shooter, it and other projectiles appear in front of the kitten on the floor. The stretchable arrow and the frame fail to provide accurate, precision targeting. The player must often place their device`s cursor on an exact spot, either in a gap between two matching bubbles or atop one of two or more adjacent matching bubbles.

Kitty Bubbles displays a small ball of yarn as a preview of the next projectile, which can help the player plan out multiple shots at a time. It also gives the player passes that prevent a penalty if they fail to pop any yarn ball bubbles four times. If they use all four passes, the game rolls down a new line of balls. When they prompt the kitten to swat accurately, the yarn balls shrink and disappear.

How to Play:

Direct the kitten to swat yarn bubble projectiles at two or more adjacent matching balls. Never allow the balls to slide too close to the light red horizontal line that appears across the playfield.


Mouse: Click buttons. To prompt the kitten to swat a projectile yarn ball bubble, slide the mouse and click. To reveal the targeting frame, press the left button before sliding the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To make the kitten play with the yarn, slide a finger or stylus and tap. To reveal the targeting frame, press the trackpad or screen surface before sliding the finger or stylus.

Kitty Bubbles
Kitty Bubbles.

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