Marble Dash

Marble Dash is a match-3 dash game with an Ancient Egypt theme. Marble match-3 games with a dash element, sometimes referred to as snake, train or pinball games, feature mixed marbles that roll in line down indentations or tracks toward a dangerous end-of-the-line tunnel opening. The player uses a shooter that holds two swappable marble projectiles to create groups of three or more marbles with matching colors and patterns to break up the line. Their ultimate goal is to clear the track before the marbles reach the end.

This game offers Endless and Levels gameplay. With the Endless mode, the player wins match-3 marble games to unlock interesting parts of the ancient past in Egypt that the game keeps hidden behind locks and chains. With the Levels mode, they must complete specific level goals to unlock each new level.

The player receives coins and keys for their efforts. They then use the coins to buy powerful boosters, upgrade their shooter launch and moving speeds, and improve the points percentage. They use keys to open treasure chests and unlock areas. The player also receives coins whenever they watch ad videos.

Marble Dash boosters vary widely and provide opportunities for the player to remove marbles from a track faster. For example, the player can hit marbles with a powerful, arrow-shaped laser line, freeze marbles to prevent some pieces from continuing on the track, and force the marbles to temporarily reverse direction. A crystal near the bottom-left corner that the player energizes through their actions also creates a large energy ball that blasts away marbles.

How to Play:

Create groups of matching marbles with projectiles. To make every shot result in marble removals, swap projectiles often. Use boosters that appear on the track. Collect coins. Buy additional boosters. Unlock new locations or levels.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To swap projectiles, click the shooter. To shoot, slide the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To swap projectiles, tap the shooter. To shoot, slide the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Marble Dash
Marble Dash.

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