Minimal Bubble Shooter

Minimal Bubble Shooter is exactly what the title states. It`s a bubble-shooting game with a minimalist design. That said, it expects the player to perform the same task required by any other bubble shooter. They must remove bubbles from the playfield by making groups of three or more identical bubbles with matching projectiles.

Against a rich purple background, the game displays a narrow, rectangular pink frame to serve as the borders of the playfield. The bubbles hanging at the top of the frame look more like ragged paint splotches than bubbles. Much of the game`s art features pixelated edges. Beyond the rows, the game displays a single, not-to-scale projectile in a shooter with a simple diamond-head pointer formed from a side-rotated square.

When the player creates a group of matching bubbles by shooting projectiles at the rows, the bubbles pop by turning clear with color-matched outlines, expanding beyond the original bubble size to overlap like ripples in water, and then popping and disappearing from the field. The player receives standard points at the top-center of the screen in pixelated number format for each cluster and bonus points for any extra ones that fall in an avalanche.

Minimal Bubble Shooter also has a horizontal dashed line near the shooter. If the player allows the bubbles to slide down the field and touch this line, they lose and must start over.

How to Play:

Aim the diamond-head pointer at two or more connected bubbles that match the projectile bubble. Shoot the projectile to form a three-bubble or higher cluster. Since the pointer isn`t as accurate as an aiming line, adjust the direction of shots based on initial accuracy. Never shoot projectiles when new bubbles drop onto the field. The movement makes hits less accurate.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, slide the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of the stylus or finger and tap.

Minimal Bubble Shooter
Minimal Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter