Monster Tree Bubble Shooter

Monster Tree: Bubble Shooter is a fantasy bubble-popping game. Non-player characters Meiling and Arya are trying to build a treehouse for Arya. The player must pop clusters of bubbles to plant, water and grow a magical monster tree for this purpose. Additionally, their actions help them to collect energy from the tree, which gives them access to the bubble-popping side games and fruit that they collect to access, feed and rejuvenate helpful monsters.

The player receives a ring shooter, two swappable projectiles and a stretch-style dotted aiming arrow. They must pop clusters of three or more color-matching bubbles to collect water. Over time, the game provides them with boosters and upgrades to make creating clusters easier. They can use a booster that makes the arrow longer and adds a targeting bubble to it. They can also access a third swappable projectile.

Monster Tree: Bubble Shooter makes play difficult in several ways. The player can only collect water droplets as part of a cluster. With water vials and boosters, they must take an extra step. These bubbles enlarge and block rows of bubbles. The player must then perform a separate shot with a matching projectile for collection.

That said, the game rewards the player handsomely. They receive bonuses when they pop clusters in streaks. They also receive a lot of boosters by completing side tasks like reaching a specific score.

How to Play:

Use bubble projectiles to collect boosters and water by popping clusters. Use special tools to finish the water collection task faster. Make the magical monster tree grow, and then use it to complete tasks. Access new monsters and use them during bubble-popping side games. Help the characters build a treehouse.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, direct the aiming arrow by sliding the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of the stylus or finger, and then tap.

Monster Tree Bubble Shooter
Monster Tree Bubble Shooter.

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