Panda Bubble Shooter

Papa Panda: Bubble Shooter, an animal rescue bubble-popping game, tasks the player with searching patterns of hanging bubbles on each level for baby animals encased by bubbles. To free these babies, the player must pop clusters of three or more identical bubbles around or including these bubbles or a large hexagon-shaped bubble imprisoning one. Unless the game states otherwise, they only need to pop all bubbles holding the babies to complete a level. Additional goals beyond the ones displayed near the upper-right corner include earning points, winning coins, and collecting three stars per level.

The game features dozens of levels across 24 chapters. The player uses a glowing ring shooter, a dotted aiming line, and swappable projectile bubbles to complete tasks. They also receive access to several boosters. They can shoot fireball bombs with a circular blast zone radius and wild-card rainbow bubbles to hit and pop any bubbles. They can also use an extended aiming line with a frosted bubble at the end for targeting a group of bubbles.

Papa Panda: Bubble Shooter tracks the player`s progress via an upper-left corner fill bar. It also rewards the player as time passes via daily rewards, a fortune spin wheel, and treasure chests. They can receive bonus points, boosters, coins and projectiles.

How to Play:

Create bubble clusters or hit hexagon bubbles with projectiles to reach and free the babies. If necessary, select the ring at any time to swap projectiles. Earn more points by using a limited number. Use the available boosters. Free every baby. Collect rewards.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a projectile from the ring shooter, align the aiming line by sliding the mouse, and then click once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot a projectile, align the aiming line by sliding the tip of the finger or stylus, and then tap once.

Panda Bubble Shooter
Panda Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter