Pop Adventure

Pop Adventure, a levels-style bubble-popping game with a hidden treasure and temple theme, requires a player to clear away hanging bubbles in patterns and complete unique missions. While the player pops bubbles, they collect up to three gold stars and points. They also earn coins at the end of each level.

The player pops bubbles with a custom-swap, dual-projectile bubble shooter with a color-matched ring and an aiming line with a clear targeting bubble at the end. The bubbles only pop when in clusters of three or more matching bubbles. Additionally, the player receives tasks. For example, they must often remove other unpoppable objects from the field, such as stones, collect objects inside of clear bubbles like gemstones, and even rescue a dog.

Pop Adventure offers the player a guide to every type of bubble and object available in the game. The player can only see information about a new bubble or object once the game initially offers it for play. The most common tools available are boosters that perform unique moves, such as flame orbs that take out a band of matching and non-matching bubbles.

The game also provides other types of play, such as competitive events, a lucky spin wheel, and treasure chests. The player must watch ad videos sometimes to take advantage of these fun opportunities.

How To Play

Review the colors of the two projectiles and the accessible lower bubble groups on the playfield. If necessary, switch the projectiles to make the most advantageous shot. When boosters become available, use the helpful tools to clear bubbles and complete tasks faster. Collect stars, coins, points and other rewards. Play all the game`s levels.


Mouse: Click buttons. To pop a cluster of matching bubbles, slide the mouse to place the cursor on a bubble in a group, and then click the left button. To use the aiming line and targeting bubble, press the left button, drag the mouse, and then release.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, pick a target, and then tap the touch pad or screen. To use the aiming line, press the surface, drag the stylus or finger, and release.

Pop Adventure
Pop Adventure.

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