Pop Pop Kitties

Pop Pop Kitties is a bubble-popping game with an anthropomorphic kittens theme. As with most similar games, the player uses a shooter to create clusters of three or more bubbles, or kitten heads, to clear the playfield of all hanging bubbles. Across 110 levels, their goal is to earn three stars per level by creating these clusters of different colors and breeds of cats.

The game provides the player with a basic shooter that features a short golden arrowhead and a head projectile. Although a dotted targeting line exists, the player must prompt the game to make it appear when they need it. They aim the arrowhead or targeting line at a group of two or more connected heads that match the projectile and then shoot.

The player starts the game with three stars on a timer bar in the lower-right area that decreases rapidly. They must shoot the kitten projectile heads quickly to prevent star loss. When they aim and shoot accurately, the heads pop in flashes of light.

Pop Pop Kitties offers the player a booster that acts like a bomb. It appears as a shining round star after the player pops enough head bubbles.

How to Play:

Review the kitten head projectile in the shooter and the layout of the heads on the playfield. Shoot at two or more matching, connected heads. Use the star booster when it appears to destroy heads of any color or breed.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, slide the mouse, and then click the left button. To reveal the targeting line, press the left button, slide the mouse, and release.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, slide the tip of the finger or stylus, and then tap the trackpad or touchscreen. To use the targeting line, press the surface, slide the finger or stylus, and stop pressing.

Pop Pop Kitties
Pop Pop Kitties.

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