Puzzle Bobble 2

Puzzle Bobble 2 (Bust-A-Move 2) is an online version of the classic 1995 Taito Corporation arcade-style, tile-matching bubble-shooting video game. The adorable Bubble Bobble dragons, Bub and Bob, have returned for another bubble-popping adventure! They need the player to pop shiny glass-marble bubble balls in different fun indoor and outdoor environments.

This game utilizes the same shooter as the first one, but the player directs the arrow`s movements. Every movement is smoother, and aligning a shot is easier to control. As with the original, this game requires the player to create clusters of three or more identical bubbles with projectiles.

The player starts by rolling their cursor around the bottom-left corner to reveal white icons that provide access to certain features. When they use the video game controller icon, they can memorize the game`s keyboard controls and customize the controls. They then use the controls to access a game mode (Puzzle Game, Player vs Computer and Player vs Player) and mode-specific Practice, Normal or Hard difficulty level.

Puzzle Bobble 2 requires the player to add credits using the controls in the same way that they might use coins with an actual arcade game. Once they have enough credit and select a form of play, they have many options. In some levels, they receive a dotted targeting line that matches the color of each projectile until the shooter aligns with a bubble cluster, and then the dots become rainbow-colored. In other areas, the game doesn`t provide any aiming assistance beyond the arrow.

Warning: This game flashes "Game Over" near the upper-right corner even when the game is obviously not over.

How to Play:

Create bubble clusters with projectiles. Clear all bubbles from a playfield. If available, use boosters. When necessary, restart the game with the semi-circular arrow icon.


Keyboard: Puzzle Bobble 2 requires a keyboard. To add credits with the preset controls, use the Right Shift. To switch modes, use the Arrows. To select a mode, use the Enter key. To direct the shooter arrow, use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys. To shoot a projectile, use the S key.
Mouse: Click text and icons.
Mobile: Tap text and icons.

Puzzle Bobble 2
Puzzle Bobble 2.

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