Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) is an updated, online version of Taito Corporation`s 1994 original arcade tile-matching bubble shooter. The Bubble Bobble dragons, Bub and Bob, are back! They need the player`s help with popping and removing glass-marble-style bubbles hanging in rooms in various environments across 32 fun levels.

The game presents the player with a wooden arrow shooter and the glass-marble projectiles that refill the shooter from a nearby bag. The player must prompt one of the dragons to manually use a crank to make the pointer arrow move left and right to aim a shot. They use their controls to fire a bubble projectile at two or more linked bubbles to create a cluster. When the bubbles pop, the game rewards the player with points that it tracks near the upper-right corner.

In Puzzle Bobble, the player can use the side walls to angle shots to clear higher clusters and take out large swaths of bubbles faster. The game tracks the player`s actions in seconds of time. Depending on how long it takes the player to complete a level, they might receive bonus points as well. If the player allows the game to slide the hanging bubbles to a horizontal bar near the shooter, they lose.

How to Play:

Review the pattern of bubbles and the current and next projectiles. Shoot to create and pop clusters of three or more of the glass-marble bubbles. Since the arrow doesn`t always align enough on the first try, use the controls to adjust and then re-adjust the arrow`s position before shooting a projectile.


Keyboard: Puzzle Bobble requires a keyboard. To direct one of the dragons to reposition the pointer, use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys. To direct the dragons to shoot a bubble, use the Up Arrow or Spacebar.
Mouse: Click text.
Mobile: Tap text.

Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble.

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