Sea Bubble Pirates

Sea Bubble Pirates is a bubble-popping game with a pirate adventure theme. From level to level on a winding path on a sand-swept landscape filled with buried treasures and sea monsters, the player helps pirates pop semi-translucent bubbles to collect giant gold coins, points, stars and other rewards.

The game disperses the pirates booty among the bubbles hanging in patterned rows on a playfield near a pirate ship and the ocean. The player uses a black ship cannon as a shooter. They can only pop bubbles in clusters of three that include at least two matching linked bubbles on the field and a matching projectile. The cannon features a red-dashed aiming line with an X target marking the spot and swappable projectiles. The main projectile rests in the cannon, and the secondary one is to the lower right of the cannon. The player can swap the projectiles by selecting the secondary one.

Sea Bubble Pirates provides the player with a powerful black bomb marked with a skull whenever they pop clusters five times in a row. The player uses these weapons along with various shooting strategies to create clusters almost every time. For example, they shoot at the side walls of the field sometimes to angle projectiles to hit higher clusters to pop more bubbles faster. If the player shoots quickly and accurately enough, they also receive three stars as a skill achievement reward for each level.

How to Play:

Shoot projectiles from the cannon at a pattern of mixed semi-translucent bubbles in rows. If necessary, swap the primary and secondary projectiles. Reveal and collect the coins. When available, use black bombs to pop bubbles in blast zones. Earn all three stars in every level.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the ship`s cannon, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the cannon, slide the finger or stylus and tap.

Sea Bubble Pirates
Sea Bubble Pirates.

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