Space Bubbles

Space Bubbles is a bubble shooter with a space theme. Against a sky filled with planets across 70 levels, the player attempts to remove all bubbles hanging in patterns to earn points and unlock new levels.

The player clears bubbles from each playfield by shooting projectiles from the cannon of a rocket ship. To try to remove bubbles with every shot, they swap the main projectile with a secondary one on a nearby platform. When they manage to hit a cluster of two or more connected bubbles that match a projectile, each bubble in the cluster shrinks and disappears. Any non-matching bubbles connected to the cluster explode in fiery orange, red and yellow colors.

Space Bubbles makes play difficult by shifting the positions of the bubbles hanging from a horizontal platform at the top of the field. The platform also slowly shifts the bubbles down the screen. Any connected pattern bubble that reaches the bottom causes the player to lose. The game also only provides a short targeting line made of closely spaced white dots, which means that the player doesn`t have an extended line for more accurate and precise shooting. That said, the player can shoot unwanted projectiles away from the field entirely and out into space by firing at the platform rather than the bubbles hanging off of it.

How to Play:

Shoot matching projectiles at bubbles on the field to create clusters of three or more bubbles and avalanches of non-matching bubbles. Instead of shooting non-matching bubbles at the pattern, shoot the projectiles into space. Use the targeting line to align shots as best as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a projectile from the rocket ship cannon, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot using the rocket ship, slide the finger or stylus and tap.

Space Bubbles
Space Bubbles.

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