Super Bubble Shooter

Super Bubble Shooter is a bubble-shooting game. In four entertaining settings that include a desert at dusk, a jungle forest, a spooky graveyard at midnight, and a harbor with a pirate ship, the player shoots swappable bubble projectiles out of a pot-style cannon with a dotted targeting line at hanging rows of connected bubbles. The bubbles pulse and disappear or drop off the screen when the player creates groups of three or more identical bubbles. To earn the highest score possible by taking advantage of bonus points rewarded for every left-over projectile at the end of a level, the player must perform tasks with as few projectiles as possible.

Every setting, or episode, offers 15 fun levels with unique hanging bubble patterns and challenges. The player uses their dotted targeting line to guarantee precision shooting. When a projectile doesn`t match any reachable bubbles, they can select the small secondary bubble in the lower-left position near the cannon to swap projectiles. They track their remaining projectiles in the lower-right position. They can follow their score at any time by looking to the upper-left corner. The game also provides them with three stars as a reward when they do well. They can check if they`re on target for reaching that goal on a vertical fill-bar gauge on the left side.

Super Bubble Shooter`s obstacles include chance bubbles that add and remove projectiles or moves, shields that block the popping of some bubbles in a group, spiked bubbles that pop projectiles, and rocks that never pop. The player collects and uses powerful boosters to deal with these challenges, including bombs, lightning bolts and rainbows.

How to Play:

Select the first episode and level. Use the cannon to shoot projectiles and create groups of three or more matching bubbles. Collect and shoot boosters to remove larger groups of bubbles. Limit the number of projectiles used to earn high points and all available stars.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot with the pot cannon, position the targeting line by sliding the mouse, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot with the cannon, slide the tip of the finger or stylus, and then tap.

Super Bubble Shooter
Super Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter